Super marco blossom sea slug in Dauin

Underwater photography macro diving 水攝 微距 潛水 olympus em1mark2

沒有人記得起來的學名 | 灰翼亞科海蛞蝓
The Scientific name | Facelina


到道因第一潛下去之前導潛問說要拍超微嗎? 我想都沒想就說好阿
在Masaplod norte這個潛點一下去大約五米左右的繩子上,導潛就送我這顆芝麻

Facelinidae 也是翼蓑亞目家族的成員之一,特徵為背上都有很多刺刺的翅膀露鰓
Phyllodesmium則以軟珊瑚為食;Favorinus 偷蛋賊類專門偷吃人家的蛋

This exquisite sea slug is super tiny - only the size of a sesame
Yet, sophisticated as it goes, it is quite a lot to describe it. 
With an opaque white and transparent-ish body, there it goes with tiny spots;
The cerata on the body are red as blossoming flowers with a yellow end pointed.
Though I like it so much, I struggled when doing the shooting.

Before diving, the dive guide offered super macro?
Without thinking properly, I responded like yeh, cool
This one was spotted at 5 meters on the rope in Masaplod Norte, Dauin
I actually tried two dives to get a clear shot of the sea slug
My bad...
The dive guide do know the sea slug well
When I said I want this one again, with no hesitation, he showed it by the door

So, Facelinidae, with fine cerata, is part of the Aeolidina members
They mostly feed on hydroids.
Despite that, Phyllodesmium and Favorinus the two without cnidosacs, are a different story.
Phyllodesmium feeds on soft corals; 
Favorinus favours others sea slugs eggs, particularly opisthobranchs.

 | Olympus em1markii |

跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :)


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