Sunny side up sea slug Dauin
道因 來顆荷包蛋海蛞蝓

Underwater photography macro diving 水攝 潛水 微距 em1mark2 olympus

世俗的名字 | 荷包蛋海蛞蝓
Common name | fried egg sea slug

The Scientific name | Colpodaspis thompsoni

道因的Urica Pier可以找到

This tiny, exquisite sea slug has white and yellow patterns on the body
which look like sunny side up eggs makes it really cute to spend time taking photos.
Small as it goes, with a size of 3mm, it is widely spread in Indo pacific
Can be found in Taiwan and the Philippines
Usually hidden under coral rubble
Spotted in Urica Pier, Dauin

Colpodaspis 這一類的海蛞蝓特稱為身體細細長長的揹著一個殼

The Colpodaspis family share the common outfit - skinny long body covered with a shell
On the right side of the body, there is a small acuted pointed appendage
The shell can be visible with an opening in the mantle for some of the members

 | Olympus em1markii |

跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :)


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