Muck dive most popular fish in Anilao - Goby
阿尼洛垃圾潛水之寶 - 鰕虎魚

Underwater photography 水攝 macro 微距 scuba dive 潛水 TG4

微距三大潛點 - 阿尼洛最受歡迎的就是在垃圾潛水裡面尋寶了,越髒越多寶
住在酒瓶裡的Goby 鰕虎魚幾乎可以是阿尼洛的保證班

One of the top popular macro dive site - Anilao is famous for the much dive
The more bins there the more surprise you would find
Goby that lives in a bottle is almost a guarantee in Anilao 

世俗的名字 | 鰕虎魚
Common name | Goby
* 鰕 : 讀音蝦,很蝦那個蝦,鰕虎魚的統稱

沒有人記得起來的學名 | 短身裸葉鰕虎
The Scientific name | Lubricogobius

Underwater photography 水攝 macro 微距 scuba dive 潛水 TG4


Goby is the shorten for Gobiidae family
The little yellow gobies generally live in pairs with an unhappy face
The white little spot around them are their eggs
Comparing to other critters, yellow goby is actually a good practice for photography
It is more likely to present your thought

* 點此看達摩 Click for further information


There is also hairy goby that lives in the staghorn coral in Anilao as well
It’s like the worst nightmare to get a good photo of it
As it hides in the coral and moves fast
I got very annoyed that the dive guide couldn’t stand on my poor skill
He took my camera and shot for me
Well, one day I’ll get my own hairy goby 
Before that, I just sync up with the photo online

 | Olympus TG4 |
跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :) 


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