Yello and blue color Ribbon Eel in Anilao

Underwater photography 水攝 Macro 微距 Scuba dive 潛水 TG4

世俗的名字 | 五彩鰻
Common name | Ribbon Eel

沒有人記得起來的學名 | 黑身管鼻鯙
The Scientific name | Rhinomuraena quaesita


The eel gets the name from the ribbon-looking outfit. 
It can be found in Kenting, Taiwan; Anilao, Philippines; Komodo, Indonesia.
Hiding in the shadow of rocks, the eel poses a Skrik look with its head protruded.
I suggest going easy with it when doing photography as the eel tend to hide back to the rocks.

Underwater photography 水攝 Macro 微距 Scuba dive 潛水 TG4

尚未證實的小知識 | 其幼魚呈現全黑,長大後先長成雄性,身體是藍色帶滾黃色的邊,

Some information | The colour of the eel also identified its gender. Though the theory is under confirmation, the idea is that baby eel turns to be black. As it grows up to 85cm-ish, it becomes a male with a blue body edging yellow. 
Eventually, the female grown-up is covered by yellow.
Generally, males are more common.

| Olympus TG4 | 
跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :)


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