Shy shark in Cape Town

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世俗的名字 | 貓鯊科
Common name | Puffadder shyshark 

沒有人記得起來的學名 | 埃氏寬瓣鯊
The Scientific name | Haploblepharus edwardsii

Puffadder ShyShark 是一種很可愛的小鯊魚,之所以會稱之為shyshark是因為

Not all the sharks are scary, Puffadder ShyShark may be the cutest shark in the world.
It gets the name from curling themselves up with its tail fin on top of its head while they feel a need to defend which we, the human interpret as shyness.

這種鯊魚住在南非的海床上,宗親族譜總共有the brown shyshark, the natal shyshark 跟dark shyshark。裡面除了Dark shyshark會分布到奈米比亞外,其他兩種都是南非地域性的鯊魚。

The Puffadder Shyshark live on the sea bed of South Africa. 
In its genus Haplobelpharus, there are three kinds of them: 
The Brown Shyshark, the Natal Shyshark and Dark Shyshark. 
Most of them are endemic to South Africa while only the Dark ShyShark 
can be found all the way up in Namibian Waters.



The Puffadder ShyShark is just as cute as my dog. Hidden between kelp and stones, the Shyshark probably thinks that he hides well. I see three that day and stalk one of them with TG4. The big camera may not be ideal for crossing through kelp.

| Olympus TG4 |
跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :)


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