The evil smile in the sand Crocodile fish
躲在沙地裡壞壞的笑 鱷魚魚

Underwater photography 水攝 Macro 微距 Scuba dive 潛水 TG4

世俗的名字 | 鱷魚魚
Common name | Crocodile Fish

沒有人記得起來的學名 | 牛尾魚
The Scientific name | Cymbacephalus beauforti


Crocodile fish is one of the members with cheeky smiles hidden in the sand.
Belong to the Scorpion family, the fish is Protogyny which means male first then turn to female.
They blend themselves with surroundings by changing colours.
The fish generally to be found in 
NorthernEast Taiwan, PG island the Philipines, and Mabul island Malaysia.

| Olympus TG4 | 
跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :)


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