Mabul island Malaysia pink sea slug

Underwater photography 水攝 Macro 微距 Scuba dive 潛水 em5mark2

The Scientific name | Okenia nakamotoensis

Underwater photography 水攝 Macro 微距 Scuba dive 潛水 em5mark2

我最喜歡的海蛞蝓 - Okenia


My favourite sea slug - Okenia
It is as pretty as a blossoming flower
I asked for it as soon as I got to Mabul island cause I want to see it so much

Having pairs of appendages on the body probably is the main character of Okenia.
It mainly eats arborescent bryozoan and tunicates.
This flame-red Okenia actually has five pairs of appendages.
It can be found in 10-30 meters.

 | Olympus em5markii |
跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it too :)


  1. Lots of them on Alona beach/Panglao and Balicasag (Philipppines). There can be two species which can be found there looking almost similar O.nakamotoensis and also O.Kondoi (only 4 pairs of appendages).

    1. Aren’t they! I’ll have to go and check! Okenias are so pretty. Do you have recommendation of dive shop and dive guide?

    2. Sorry haven't replied yet... although that will be for when Phils resume diving, -sigh-. Best guide for slugs I had on Panglao is Alvin (Albino) Bongo from Sea Explorers.
      I specifically went there for Okenia and asked for a private guide, I was assigned Alvin who seemed quite lax and ironic to everything.
      Example : when I asked him about a red Okenia, he replied "Ha the japanese named?", I nodded so he pointed his finger to a japanese guest and said smiling "here's your japanese named folk". I was quite perplex with his humor, as I didn't know how good he was yet. On the first dive, he asked the boat to pull over a wall, no kidding after 3 minutes almost vertical from the boat, he showed me the first Nakamotensis, on the second dive he showed me 2 Kondoi mating.
      This guy was brilliant, for slugs in Alona/Panglao, I would pick him everytime.


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