Orange Sea slug in Anilao 阿尼洛白色橘色海牛

 沒有人記得起來的學名 | 白波多彩海牛
The Scientific name | Goniobranchus Coi

多彩海牛科成員之一,Goniobranchus的成員又分為下面幾種 : 
A. Goniobranchus tinctorius
B. 頭的前面高高低低的
C. 外套膜高高低低 (照片這隻)
D. 非扁平且帶有環狀或點點
E. 白色外套膜+外圈

Chromodorididae member which can be separated into groups:
A. Goniobranchus tinctorius
B. the anterior part of the head raise and lower
C. Mantle raised and lowered - shown as the photo above
D. Not flat and with spots or rings
E. White mantle + edging


Can be found in Anilao, the Philippines

| Olympus TG4 | 
跟我說說你在哪也看到巴 Let me know where you spot it :)

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Click on the photo below for more same family

Chromodoris Dianae
Miamira Moloch


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